Jordan Peele on Writing ‘Get Out’: “I Didn’t Know It Was Ever Going to Get Made”

The writer-director was honored last night at the ninth annual African American Film Critics Association Awards.

Jordan Peele didn’t set out to make a blockbuster when he first began writing Get Out. “It started as a fun project,” the writer-director said of his Oscar-nominated box office hit last night at the African American Film Critics Association Awards gala. “I didn’t know it was ever going to get made. I’d go home, smoke a little bit of weed and I would write. I would watch this movie in my head, this movie that I wish somebody would write for me to watch and that was it.”

“I knew that in some ways my movie was an allegory for slavery. But I also I knew that at this point, the structure of the film, it needed to take us on a ride because it’s the horror genre. I wrote this scene in a very vulnerable state. I put my worst fears out there and onto the page and when I was finished writing that scene, the experience of writing this movie changed.”

“I realized what this movie was about. I realized that slavery was not something of the past. The sunken place to me, shouted to me, that in today’s time, in modern time, we have black men and women abducted and put in dark holes. We have our freedoms taken away…I realized at that point that there were people being locked up and taken out of the world and taken from their families for holding less weed than I was smoking while I was writing this movie,” Peele said.

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