‘I just snapped that night, okay’: Bathtub killer CONFESSES to murder in the witness box after caving under questioning

A Melbourne man, who drowned his ex-lover in her bathtub in what he long claimed was a death pact, has pleaded guilty to her murder.

Murat Davsanoglu was on trial for murder, but the Supreme Court jury was discharged this morning, a day after the 43-year-old confessed in the witness box he had ‘snapped’ and murdered Ozlem ‘Ozzie’ Karakoc, 34.

The confession came two weeks into the trial and after 18 months of him claiming her death in Dandenong last July was the result of a suicide pact they were discussing for months previously.

Prosecutor Diana Piekusis SC had been questioning Davsanoglu about whether he had considered his actions would leave Ms Karakoc’s daughter without a mother.

‘You weren’t thinking of (the girl) at all, were you?’ she asked.

‘No. Miss, you don’t need to go any further. I just snapped that night, okay, that’s it.’

He maintained there was a suicide pact, but not on the night he drowned her.

Davsanoglu and Ms Karakoc had been in an open relationship over an 18-year period before her death.

He admitted he was angry she had started a new relationship and at the thought of losing her.

‘That’s the reason you killed her,’ Ms Piekusis said.

‘That is correct, miss, yes,’ Davsanoglu said.

Justice Lex Lasry sought clarification.

‘So there was no suicide pact on that night?’ he asked.

‘Not on that night, no,’ Davsanoglu replied.

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