Largest full moon in many people’s lifetime is about to shine


On November 14 going to witnesses the Biggest, brightest supermoon to ever grace the skies.

Supermoon occurs when the moon is not only full, but it is orbiting close to earth. This month’s full moon will be the closest to Earth since January 26, 1948.

If the weather is clear, the moon will be at its biggest and brightest in nearly 70 years, and it won’t put on a similar display until late 2034, astronomers say.

Calling the moon Extra-supermoon, Astronomers explain why it is so


“Since the moon has an elliptical orbit, one side of the orbit (the perigee) is about 48,000 kms closer to Earth than the other side (the apogee). When the Earth, moon and sun line up in an orbit, while the moon is on its nearest approach to Earth, we are treated to a so-called supermoon.

Although this happens three times this year: on October 16, November 14 and on December 14. But the one happens on the November 14 becomes full just two hours after its closest approach to Earth.

When the Sun, the Moon, and Earth line up as the Moon orbits Earth, that’s known as syzygy (definitely something you want to keep in your back pocket for your next Scrabble match).

When this Earth-Moon-Sun system occurs with the perigee side of the Moon facing us, and the Moon happens to be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, we get what’s called a perigee-syzygy.

That causes the Moon to appear much bigger and brighter in our sky than usual, and it’s referred to as a supermoon – or more technically, a perigee moon.

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