The Latest: Doctor said Prince ‘doesn’t look really well’

A doctor who treated Prince told the musician’s bodyguard about two weeks before his death that he “just doesn’t look really well.”

The investigative file released Thursday includes text messages between doctor Michael Schulenberg and Prince’s longtime friend and bodyguard Kirk Johnson.

The messages show Johnson contacted Schulenberg on April 7, 2016 because Prince wasn’t feeling well and wanted fluids. He wrote that Prince was supposed to “fly out today for a show. He might have some other issues I think.”

The messages show Schulenberg went to Paisley Park to treat Prince in private and later texted Johnson to wish them a safe trip. Schulenberg said that Prince had no complications from the treatment but “just doesn’t look really well. As you have known him longer you can tell that better than me.” He offered to perform “some lab testing at a future date.”

The messages indicate Schulenberg treated Prince at least one more time before his death.

An assistant to Prince told investigators that he had been unusually quiet and sick with the flu in the days before he was found dead.

Investigative materials released Thursday include audio of a 5-minute interview with Meron Bekure, who told a detective she had been Prince’s personal assistant for the last year and a half.

Bekure says that Prince had “been kind of quiet” in recent weeks, and hadn’t sent her as many emails throughout the day as he did previously. She says she chalked up his behavior to the flu, which had caused him to recently cancel a show.

Bekure says she last saw Prince a day earlier, when she was going to take him to the doctor for a checkup. She says that Prince told her he would go with his aide Kirk Johnson instead.

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