‘Little foot’ walked like a CHIMP: Immaculately preserved 3.6 million-year-old skeleton of the controversial 4ft tall elderly female hominin reveals she had ‘distinctly ape-like’ features

Little foot, the controversial and almost-complete skeleton of an ancient human ancestor, walked more like a chimp than a human.

Scientists made the discovery after completing detailed scans of her inner ear.

Previous analysis has found the four-foot tall Little Foot lived 3.67 million years ago and was an entirely different species than anything we have ever seen before.

They have also discovered she is an elderly female with a crippled left arm, legs longer than her arms and had an exclusively plant-based diet.

Analysis of her skull allowed scientists to build a complex 3D computer model of her inner ear.

This region contains several small bones and organs which are involved in balance and locomotion.

Researchers from the University of the Witwatersrand found this ‘bony labyrinth’ is ‘substantially different’ from other early species of human.

This paper adds to a growing body of research which says that Lucy walked on two feet but also spent considerable time in trees.

Scans of her cranium were compared to 17 early hominin specimens which included 10 extant humans and 10 chimpanzees.

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