The Little-Known Benefits Of Adding Maca Powder To Your Diet

Maca, an ancient Peruvian root, has been recognized as a healthy root crop. This plant belongs to the radish family and has been recognized for years for its health benefits in treating infertility and enhancing sex drive. But maca has much more to itself. The edible part of this plant is its root and is usually consumed in the ground form. Blessed with an earthy and nutty flavor, the maca root has a number of health benefits to offer.
Here we enlist 7 little-known health benefits of maca powder.
1. Nutritional contentThis root is very high in terms of nutritional content. It contains minerals, proteins, fiber, copper, manganese, iron, potassium and Vitamin B6. Maca is particularly rich in proteins and carbs and is low in terms of fat. It is also rich in bioactive compounds.
2. Enhances libido in men and women
Low libido is a common problem these days. Maca is traditionally known as the root solution for a low sex drive, and guess what, it is backed by research. It is effective for both men and women.

3. Enhances male fertility
When we talk about male fertility, two components play an important role. These are sperm quality and sperm quantity. This is also backed by research. Five small reviews stated that maca powder improves semen quality in both healthy and infertile men. A research showed that regular consumption of maca for four months improved semen quality, sperm quantity, quality, and motility.
4. Might relieve menopausal symptoms
Menopause is that period in a woman’s life when periods come to an end. It is marked by a drop in estrogen levels which leads to a number of disturbances in a woman’s life. Hot flashes, mood swings, sleeping problems and vaginal dryness are the symptoms of menopause. Consumption of maca powder may relieve the discomfort to quite an extent.
5. Boosts sports performance
This powder is a powerful supplement for sportsmen and bodybuilders. It has been claimed that maca powder can promote muscle gain and improve strength and endurance in athletes. However, it has not been backed by science as of now.

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