Lizard Attacks Tourist in Australia


A lizard was irritated by a tourist in Outback Australia when he tried to get too close to the reptile.

Footage shows the little creature opening up its neck-frills and chasing the half-naked man with the little feet and the mouth wide open.

The reptile manages to get close to the tourist and actually pounces on him. The lizard seems to be very angry. The creature climbed the man’s leg and showed signs of real anger.

What’s interesting is that the tourist is not afraid.


Most people would try to run away and scream, but he stays calm even when the reptile is crawling up his leg. He actually provokes the reptile and the lizard keeps moving till she reaches the tourist’s stomach.

The reptile keeps having the mouth wide open wanting to cause damage to the intruders. The man keeps filming the incident and everyone around him is laughing with the little creature, but we must all applaud the lizard’s determination to fight off her intruders.

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