MAPPED: Tipping etiquette for your European holiday – are you tipping too much?

TIPPING is a cause of confusion for British travellers with many ending up paying too much for their service. This map reveals the restaurant tipping etiquette for popular European destinations.

According to a recent survey carried out by, British travellers are over-tipping by £78 while abroad, as they are unaware of local tipping cultures and expectations.When dining in the UK, it is customary to leave a tip of 10 to 15 per cent.

However, the majority of restaurants now add a compulsory service charge of 12.5 per cent to the final bill.

This though, is not common across Europe with each country following different tipping etiquette.

To prevent British travellers overpaying this summer, the has rounded up the tipping expectations for popular tourist destinations across Europe.

Similar to the UK, restaurants in France add the service to the end of a bill. However, unlike the UK tipping is not required.More often than not “service compris” has already been added to the bill. If the service was excellent, then to show your gratitude it’s acceptable to leave five to 10 per cent in cash, although this is not mandatory.

According to Trip Advisor, VAT and service in Germany are included in the bill. However, it is still common courtesy to leave a tip.

After a meal leaving a tip of between five to 10 per cent in cash is expected, or simply round up the bill to the nearest full euro. Try to avoid leaving small change.

In Poland, you are expected to leave a tip after dining in a restaurant, especially in the main tourist cities such as Krakow or Warsaw.

Leaving 10 per cent is acceptable but leave 15 per cent if the service was exceptionally good.

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