Meghan Markle’s friend claims actress was ‘DESTINED’ to be a royal for VERY UNUSUAL reason

MEGHAN Markle was always destined to be a royal due to her beautiful handwriting according to Hollywood film actress Paula Patton, after the future royal helped write the invitations and save-the-dates for Ms Patton and musician Robin Thicke’s wedding back in 2005.

The former Suits star had a variety of freelance jobs before achieving fame for her role in the TV hit series Suits, including calligraphy writing at Paper Source.Ms Patton revealed she knew Meghan was destined to become a royal due to her beautiful handwriting, after hiring the aspiring actress to write her wedding invitations.

Commenting on their encounter in 2005, Ms Patton said: “I met her because she helped me with my wedding invitations. She had this beautiful writing.

“That moment I feel like I said something to her. Like, ‘You are meant to be royal.’

“She was just so graceful and lovely, and actually really kind.”Freelance calligraphy was a means of making a living for Meghan on the side of auditioning, as she was starting out in the acting world.

Meghan told Esquire she employed her calligraphy skills as her ”pseudo-waitressing job” before she found fame in the acting arena.

She recalled her time as a calligrapher, saying: “I didn’t wait tables. I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding.”

The future royal’s calligraphy skills were also praised by Paper Source CEO Winnie Park, who said she was so good she was paid to teach customers how to do it.

Ms Park said: “It was her part-time job as she was going through auditions.“She taught calligraphy and hosted a group of customers and instructed them during a two-hour class on how to do calligraphy.

“She would have advised customers on projects, from wedding invitations to creating personalised stationary to gift-wrapping.

“She has talked about being a big fan of custom stationary and think it’s the best gift to give a friend.”

Meghan herself commented on her love on calligraphy on her former lifestyle blog, saying: “I think handwritten notes are a lost art form.

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