Mother, 26, reveals how her 18-month-old girl nearly died TWICE when her pollen allergy triggered deadly asthma attacks

A mother has revealed how her baby girl nearly died twice after a pollen allergy triggered life-threatening asthma attacks.

Lottie Provis was found blue, lifeless and choking on her own vomit in her cot by her parents Kate, 26, and Steve, 31, when she was 18 months old in May 2015.

She was given hours to live when doctors were unable to put her into a medical coma due to her airways being too swollen for the necessary tube to go down.

Medics eventually managed to insert the tube, with Lottie, who is now five and lives in Cardiff, then spending a week in an induced coma.

Thinking she was in the clear, Lottie was sent home, only for another deadly attack to occur just a month later. This time the youngster spent four weeks in a coma and a further fortnight on a children’s ward.

Over the next year, Lottie was hospitalised nine times, before doctors finally made the connection between her symptoms and the time of year.

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