‘Other mothers could bring home their babies when we couldn’t’: Assistant manager, 23, reveals she carried an infant who was destined to DIE so her organs could be donated

A mother carried a baby who was destined to die so she could donate her organs to other infants in need.

Krysta Davis, 23, and her partner Derek Lovett, 26, of Cleveland, Tennessee, were told 18 weeks into her pregnancy that the baby was suffering from the severe birth defect anencephaly, which causes parts of the brain and skull to be missing.

After being told doctors could induce the labour early, Ms Davis decided to savour her pregnancy, knowing she could miscarry at anytime or have just a few moments with her daughter.

Against all the odds Rylei Arcadia arrived on Christmas Eve, weighing 6lbs, and lived a week before passing away in her parent’s arms on New Year’s Eve.

Her short life gave other babies the chance to live after her heart valves were donated to two infants in need, with her lungs also going to a research foundation.

Speaking of her decision to continue with the pregnancy, Ms Davis said: ‘Carrying her to full-term would mean we had the option to donate her organs so other mothers could bring home their babies when we couldn’t.

‘That sealed the deal for us, for the entire pregnancy the majority of our strength came from her, it was very positive, and we did everything we could like most parents do.

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