‘I am moving on’: Offspring star Asher Keddie reveals she will focus more on producing amid rumours that the hit Channel Ten drama has been axed

She’s the multiple Logie Award-winner who plays the fan favourite Nina Proudman on the hit Channel Ten series Offspring.

And with rumours swirling that the series has been axed, Asher Keddie has revealed she is making a move to behind the camera.

Speaking to TV Tonight, the 43-year-old said she is trying her hand at producing and developing projects for Matchbox Pictures.

‘I am moving on for the first time in my professional life,’ she explained.

‘For the first time in my working life, I’m starting to plan.

‘I don’t know if that might be an age thing too. Also I’m responsible for 2 children so things have changed enormously for me in the last few years. But that’s what’s happening. I’m starting to make plans and it feels good!;

She added that the move to behind the scenes was about challenging herself creatively.

Asher hinted this week that the hugely popular Network Ten series may not be returning to screens for an eighth season.

‘The truth is I haven’t had a single conversation about it (continuing Offspring) since we finished shooting back in May/June last year,’ she told the Herald Sun.

The show centered on the life of 30-something-year-old obstetrician Nina Proudman and her family.

Meanwhile, rumours have been swirling that the show has been axed altogether, since Channel Ten confirmed that the network is undecided on whether the show will be renewed for an eighth season.

Since filming for Offspring has wrapped, Asher has been working on BBC-ABC co-production called The Cry, a drama-thriller set in Australia and the UK.

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