Scammers are trying to dodge the Nintendo switch fans into downloading malicious software. They do it by promising the user to provide access to emulator for the console.

Researchers from Norton by Symantec discovered that the scammers are using different websites and YouTube videos to allure the users.

If you search Nintendo Switch emulator on You Tube than it will bring up lots of videos, the most popular of which has over 75000 views at the time of writing this article.

Some of the clips tell viewers they can play Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a PC by visiting a website and downloading a file.


Others, which Norton by Symantec believes to have been deliberately designed to be generic so they can be repurposed for other trending search terms, show a person refer to “free tools” but never explicitly mention the Switch emulator.

Users that fall for the scam are being directed to malicious sites promising the Switch and other games consoles as competition prizes. They’re also asking users to fill out a survey to receive an unlock code for a Switch emulator.

Another YouTube video, meanwhile, brings up software downloads for ‘Switch_Emulator_0.6.1.dmg’ on Mac computers and ‘Switch_Emulator_061.iso’ on Windows, which lead to an unwanted application called ‘PUA.OneSystemCare’.

“Whether its survey scams or potentially unwanted applications, the YouTube videos and websites are likely driven by affiliate programs,” said Norton by Symantec.

“The affiliate would be responsible for delivering a user to the website to fill out a survey, complete an offer, or download a file. For each successful conversion (a completed survey, offer, or download) the affiliate would collect a commission from the advertising network.

“In this case, it is unclear how much each affiliate is making for each conversion.”

Norton by Symantec says web users should be wary of websites that ask them to fill out a survey to unlock content, and to carry out additional research before installing any computer application.

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