Notorious Snowtown serial killer says there’s ‘no point’ in apologising to the families of the ten people he murdered as he applies for a parole date to be set

Snowtown serial killer Robert Joe Wagner says ‘there’s no point’ showing remorse for the murders of 10 people because any apology he makes would not be taken seriously.

Wagner, 47, represented himself before the South Australian Supreme Court on Monday in his bid to have a non-parole period set on his life sentence.

Relatives of his victims are opposed to any possible release, fearing he may kill again.

After Wagner listed cases where a non-parole period has been granted, including that of Tr

uro killer James Miller, Justice Greg Parker asked him ‘you’re not suggesting that you’ve shown contrition, remorse?’

Wagner said any suggestion of remorse would be dismissed as disingenuous.

‘So there’s no point in me saying I’m sorry or I feel remorse for what I’ve done,’ he said from the dock.

Since 1999, Wagner has been serving 10 life sentences over the infamous ‘bodies-in-the-barrels’ killing spree.

The ringleader in the murders, John Justin Bunting, is similarly serving life without parole.

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