Number spoofing: more Metro Bank users say they were robbed of thousands

Last week we featured a NatWest account holder who lost £10,000. A raft of new victims have now come forward telling the same story

More Guardian Money readers have come forward to say they too have been scammed by fraudsters who “spoofed” their bank’s phone number. In some cases they have lost more than £40,000.

Two weeks ago Money featured Jane Holden, a Cambridge businesswoman who lost £90,000 after falling for a highly sophisticated fraud. She had taken a call that showed up on her handset as coming from Metro Bank’s 0345 business banking number. Partly as a result of this – and the fact the fraudsters had so many of her banking details – she thought she was talking to the bank. Since the piece appeared, a host of victims have come forward to say “me too”.

Last week, the Guardian featured a NatWest customer who lost £10,000 in similar circumstances. In both cases the bank only refunded the victims following Guardian Money’s intervention.

But now four more victims of the scam, who all bank with Metro, complain they were taken in by the fact that the fraudster appeared to be calling from their bank. The fraudsters refer to the fact that they are calling from the number that appears on the back of the customer’s bank card.

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