This is one industry where the gender pay gap is narrowing

Women in tech face a smaller wage gap than many other industries. However, their chances of getting hired for those jobs are still low, a new study suggests.

The pay gap between women and men in tech has decreased, but companies interview only male candidates for these jobs 41 percent of the time, according to new data from job website, which places people in positions like software engineering, data scientist or product manager.

Women made 97 cents on the dollar compared to men for the same STEM jobs at the same company this year, a slight improvement from 96 cents on the dollar for the two previous years. (STEM refers to jobs in science, technology, engineering and math.)

Across all industries, women made about 77 cents for every dollar men made in 2018, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Like other sectors, the pay disparity in tech is worse for women of color: Latino and black women in STEM were paid 91 cents and 89 cents, respectively, for every dollar their white male colleagues in the same position at the same company made.

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