One project in Mexico City reduces pollution in the street below by the equivalent of around 1,000 cars a day

Dring’s new building material, called Made Of Air, will make its first appearance as industrial factory cladding in Berlin in 2017. The city’s 2,000 tonnes of waste Christmas trees could provide a raw ingredient.


However, the battle for hearts and minds – to educate urban citizens of the dangers of air pollution – remains almost as hard as the science. London’s busiest shopping district Oxford Street continues to draw huge crowds, despite regularly recording annual NO2 levels that are three times the EU’s legal limit.

The hope was that the pigeon patrol would encourage Londoners to be more aware of the air they were breathing. “Pollution is invisible, so if we want to make it visible we have to find a way to grab people’s attention,” says Pierre Duquesnoy at DigitasLBi, which came up with the idea in partnership with Plume Labs, the air pollution app.

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