Philadelphia Starbucks manager who called police on two black men for trespassing claims loitering was an ongoing problem and someone once chased her around the store when she asked him to leave

The Starbucks manager who called the police on two black customers for trespassing has spoken out, claiming that loitering has been an ongoing issue in the store.

The employee, named only as Holly, has since ‘mutually parted ways’ with the Philadelphia store after video went viral of the two men being arrested as they waited for their friend to arrive at the coffee shop.

The incident has sparked sit-ins and protests at the store as many claim the black men were racially profiled by the manager. On Monday, interfaith clergy leaders staged a sit-in at the Center City Starbucks to demand action.

Holly, who managed the 18th and Spruce Street location for a year before leaving the company, told on Saturday that she’d had problems with loiterers and one had even chased her round the shop after she asked them to leave.

The manager blamed what she claimed was a corporate policy at City Center Philadelphia locations which prohibits excessive loitering in their stores.

She told the news outlet that management has the discretion to ensure the policy is  enforced – even if that means calling in the cops. She also revealed that she doesn’t even tell the customers when she’s calling the police.

Holly reportedly refused to say whether it was normal practice for managers or employees to call the police when they found customers loitering.

A representative for Starbucks said on Monday that Holly had left the coffee chain  ‘while there is an internal review pending.’

The two men, who had not made a purchase, were handcuffed and arrested for trespassing on Thursday after the Philadelphia store manager called 911 and reported them for refusing to leave.

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