Policeman ‘shoots a man in the foot when bullet goes straight through dog he fired at ‘in self-defence’ during incident in rural Ireland’

This is the moment a policeman’s roadside stop takes a horrific turn as he shoots and inadvertently shoots a dog with a bullet which then ricocheted and hit a man’s foot.

Shocking footage posted on social media shows the garda officer attending a violent confrontation between two drivers in rural county Longford, Ireland on Monday.

In the video, a van driver can be seen to be having an argument with another person who appears to attempt to slap him through the door of his vehicle.

The woman filming the action can be heard shouting ‘you dirty f*****g tramp’ at the man in the van.

As the confrontation intensifies the camera then shows the plain-clothes policeman’s tie being pulled before he opens fire with his pistol and a plume of smoke jets into view.

The camerawoman screams hysterically as the shot is fired: ‘You just shot my husband!’

She then turns around to show the legs of another man standing behind him with what appears to be blood coming out of one of his trainers.

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