Pregnancy left me with ORGAN FAILURE: Dentist whose liver and kidneys failed after childbirth spent the first two weeks of her baby’s life in intensive care

A dentist and new mother had to be rush to a London hospital by helicopter when her organs began to shut down and she ‘turned yellow’ after giving birth.

Louise Double, from Jersey, had an uneventful pregnancy until the delivery, when she started feeling sudden pain in her chest and had to be taken to intensive care.

Tests revealed her liver was failing and doctors told her she needed an immediate transplant or she would die, Mrs Double said.

She was separated from her newborn daughter, Amelia, and flown from Jersey to England, where she quickly had the vital organ replaced.

Doctors said her illness was believed to have been caused by a rare but serious birth complication called HELLP, which damages blood cells.

Now in recovery but weakened and being monitored to make sure her new liver isn’t rejected, Mrs Double is urging more people to become organ donors.

Mrs Double went into labour in June 2018 and spent two days giving birth to her daughter in an assisted delivery because her baby’s heart rate was dropping.

After her epidural – an injection to numb part of the body – she began feeling pain in her ribs, but it was originally dismissed as labour pains.

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