Prescription sleeping pills must now carry warnings on the boxes, US health officials declare because dozens of people have lost limbs, drowned and even SHOT themselves while sleepwalking after taking them

Sleeping pills will now have to show warning labels in the US because people are accidentally killing themselves by walking or driving while asleep.

The Food and Drug Administration this week said certain prescribed insomnia medications will have to carry the cautions.

Drugs including Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta will now have to have boxed warnings – the most severe type of product warning issued by the FDA.

People have been reported to have had car crashes, drowned, shot themselves, or lost limbs to cold after sleepwalking on the drugs.

The US’s drug regulator announced the requirement this week, reporting 66 incidents in which people hurt themselves or died sleepwalking.

‘While these incidents are rare, they are serious and it’s important that patients and health care professionals are aware of the risk, said FDA commissioner Ned Sharpless.

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