RAF radar technician captures the wild landscapes of the Falkland Islands in stunning drone footage

An RAF radar technician has captured the wild, desolate and beautiful landscapes of the Falkland Islands in stunning drone footage.

Paul Bromham, 38, from Swansea, Wales, started filming during his time-off while hiking.

His edited video shows the sharp contrast in scenery from vast white stone runs (sometimes called stone rivers) to rolling boggy mounds and mountains areas as well as penguin-speckled white-sand beaches.

The revealing shots take viewers through sections of Mount Kent to the archipelago’s capital, Port Stanley, and Gypsy Cove – a distance of around 20 miles.

He filmed from December until earlier this month on the remote islands, located at 51 degrees south and around 400 miles off South America.

The islands comprise two main islands and 776 smaller islands and cover 4,700 square miles. They are host to five different penguin species, seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales and more.

Paul, who has previously visited the islands, was thrilled to be able to capture footage that shows off the unique spots.

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