RHOD Reunion: Stephanie Hollman breaks down while discussing suicide attempt that ‘terrified’ family

Stephanie Hollman broke down as she recalled once attempting suicide and also admitted The Real Housewives Of Dallas left her ‘trapped in internal hell.’

The first part of the RHOD reunion on Wednesday saw Cary Deuber, 42, open up about her history dating cyclist Lance Armstrong and bizarrely getting accused of a secret plot to fat shame D’Andra Simmons, 49.

The emotional peak came when Stephanie, 38, tearfully recalled her suicide attempt when she was younger, along with her ongoing battle with depression.

She also admitted getting special help to prepare her for the show because of the detrimental effects on her from spiteful online comments.

‘I’ll be honest, in season one I literally felt trapped in internal hell in my head,’ she told Bravo host Andy Cohen, 50, during the reunion.

‘I would read things – I care, I care very deeply – and people would say stuff, things I couldn’t change, about my voice. …It’s ridiculous what people pick on.’

She said it was ‘part of the reason’ she went on a ‘week-long therapy retreat’ just before the last season started to prepare herself.

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