Roger Federer: ‘Grand Slam No. 20 at US Open would be a joke’

They said he was finished — that, without a grand slam title for almost five years, his glory days were behind him.

Roger Federer clearly wasn’t listening; he’s played two grand slam events in 2017 and won them both.
Thanks to a shrewd and shortened schedule, the 35-year-old’s match win percentage this season (93.9%) doesn’t just blow away his modern-day contemporaries, it even rivals his own golden standards between 2004 and 2007.
There are few players more self-assured on the ATP Tour, but even Federer hadn’t dared dream of this.
“I was hoping that things were going to play out nicely and that I was going to be in contention in the second week at Wimbledon,” he told CNN Sport Monday as he reflected on his straight sets win over Marin Cilic in the men’s final.
“To win it altogether? It’s like the dream scenario that you hope happens but you’re so cautious that you never really want to go there mentally.”


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