Sarah Paulson Is Bringing Back Her ‘Asylum’ Character In ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’


What a treat for American Horror Story fans. The series co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed a Halloween surprise on Monday that will be the ultimate mind trick of this season.

Murphy tweeted on Monday that Sarah Paulson will be reprising her role as journalist Lana Winters from season 2’s Asylum.

While this is major news since Lana Winters is a fan favorite character and has been Paulson at her finest in the anthology series, it might also be confusing since the actress has already been in episodes of this season since day 1.

Already in American Horror Story: Roanoke viewers were exposed to a major plot twist that revealed this season isn’t really about the documentary story of the Millers, but rather a new reality series of the Millers and reenactment actors being stuck in the house for three days to capture their reaction during the period of the Blood Moon where supernatural events are said to occur.

But fans of the show can also expect yet another major plot twist that will be revealed in episode 10, the season finale.

Technically, Paulson has played two characters already in Roanoke: Shelby Miller (the reenactment version) and then Audrey Tindall (the actress who played Shelby Miller).

Audrey is still alive after last week’s blood bath of an episode, but we already know that only one of the characters will survive the whole ordeal.


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