Scientists Unveil New Instrument To Study Chemical Signatures of Exoplanets


It is through Kepler mission we got to know that there are thousands of planets out there, orbiting other stars. After knowing that these exoplanets are there, we want to explore it thoroughly. We want to know their mass, their temperature, their age and lots more.

So to make it possible a new instrument called the Coronagraphic High Angular Resolution Imaging Spectrograph, nicknamed CHARIS,  for scientists to separate the light coming from large exoplanets from the light emitted by their parent stars.


The instrument was built by a team of Researchers led by Princeton University researchers, who recently reported the successful operation of a new for the 8.2-metre Subaru Telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatory on Hawaii.


CHARIS allows researchers to isolate light reflecting from planets. That’s difficult to do, since they are so much dimmer than the stars they orbit. By separating the light from a planet, they can obtain the planet’s light spectrum or wavelengths of light, which will reveal crucial information.


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