ScotlandsPeople releases new birth, marriage and death records – statutory record release

Newly released records for Scottish births in 1917, marriages in 1942 and deaths for 1967 have been released by ScotlandsPeople.

The newly released records show that births in Scotland in 1917, a total of 106,469, had reached their lowest number since 1867, due to the disruption caused by World War I. Some 47,514 marriages were recorded in Scotland in 1942, a number of which were between Scottish women and foreign-born servicemen – again a reflection of wartime circumstances.

Finally, the number of deaths recorded in 1967 was 59,729 – compared to the 55,511 recorded for 2017. That year a total of 109 people in Scotland were aged 100 or over, whereas there are currently 379 people aged 100+ living in Scotland.

To explore birth, marriage and death records, visit the ScotlandsPeople website.

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