Search engine Bing is showing child PORNOGRAPHY on the Microsoft-owned site and suggests other disturbing phrases for paedophiles to help them find the illegal images

Microsoft’s Bing search engine shows results for sickening child pornography images, research has found.

The disturbing revelation discovered that it was easy to find illegal photos of under-age boys and girls on the site.

Image searches for ‘porn kids,’ ‘porn CP’ (a known abbreviation for ‘child pornography’) and ‘nude family kids’ all produced the exploitative content.

People looking for the horrific content only needed to turn off SafeSearch filter to find the imagery.

An investigation commissioned by TechCrunch found that Bing also suggested other disturbing phrases to help paedophiles target children.

Researchers have warned people not to search for the content covered in the study as they may be breaking the law.

Search terms for children and Omegle, a free site for chatting to strangers, not only provided inappropriate photos of minors but also presented associated search suggestions.

Among the related searches Bing offered were ‘kids live video chat’, ‘omegle girls only kids’ and ‘how to find kids on omegle’, while clicking on photos also provided similar image suggestions.

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