A second referendum has ‘never been a preference’ for Labour, insists Corbyn’s allies as party splits on Brexit flare up AGAIN after ‘one million-strong’ People’s Vote march

Labour’s splits on Brexit were laid bare again today as Shami Chakrabarti insisted a second referendum had ‘never been our preference’.

The shadow attorney general and ally of Jeremy Corbyn said the idea of a public vote was ‘one of a menu of options’ but not one she backed.

Mr Corbyn snubbed a central London protest march demanding a second referendum of up to one million people on Saturday. Lady Chakrabarti said he ‘has other places to be’ when asked why he did not appear.

In stark contrast, his deputy Tom Watson turned up and addressed the crowd from the podium.

Lady Chakrabarti’s intervention irritated pro-referendum Labour MPs today, with Barry Sheerman insisting the party should be represented on the airwaves by an ‘elected’ politician instead of the appointed Baroness.

Lady Chakrabarti told BBC Radio 4’s Today: ‘It has never been our preference but since last autumn it has been one of a menu of options for breaking the deadlock.

‘And if that’s what it takes to break a deadlock in Parliament then so be it.

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