‘Shadow of the Colossus’ review: A monumental masterpiece returns

A groundbreaking interactive adventure from years past gets rebuilt from the ground up to allow new gamers the chance to control the Wander on his quest to take down some multistory behemoths in the Forbidden Lands.

Suffice it to report, Shadow of the Colossus (Sony Computer Entertainment and Bluepoint Games, Rated Teen, $49.99) was great back in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 and now looks even more incredible on the PlayStation 4 through any large, 4K-compatible television.

For those unaware of its origins, the story finds the androgynous hero looking for a way to resurrect his favorite dead maiden Mono. He must first visit a massive shrine.

After some booming direction from a disembodied entity named Dormin, he is told to seek out and destroy the Colossi, an assortment of 16 large creatures roaming around a peninsula, and his wish will be granted.

Using a sword, that when held up in sunlight will direct beams toward the location of each beast, he mounts his trusty steed Argus and heads out across vast landscapes, exploring both above and below ground, to engage the monsters.

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