Shocking moment deer jumps two metres into the air and launches itself more than 10 metres across a snowy road straight in front of a car

This is the shocking moment a large deer jumps across a snow-covered track just a few feet in front a forest ranger’s car, narrowly missing it.

A dashcam in Lomza Forest Inspectorate employee Jaroslaw Matysiewicz’s car shows the animal jump high in the air and leap across the road.

The startling incident occurred in a forest in Czerwony Bor in Podlaskie Province in north-eastern Poland.

In the video, Mr Matysiewicz’s car can be seen following another vehicle down a snowy forest path when a deer sprints towards the track from the left.

The deer then launches itself through the air in front of Mr Matysiewicz’s car, clearing the track in one leap.

The deer then disappears into the woods and the car keeps on moving down the track.

Forest officials said the deer had jumped more than 10 metres (32 feet) at a height of around two metres (6 feet 6 inches) in the air.

Lomza Forest District wrote on social media: ‘Please, calm down- not all deer fly, the vast majority of them just run.’

One person commented on the video posted by the Lomza Forest on their social media accounts: ‘A nice specimen and a close meeting with nature, great!’

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