Snapchat takes a page from Foursquare with new map feature that lets users know where you are and what you’re doing

Snapchat is testing a new feature that lets users notify their friends where they are using a map feature that hearkens back to the popular location-sharing platform Foursquare.

The feature, which is being rolled out to select users in Australia, allows users drop a Bitmoji avatar on the map showing friends where they’ve been — or are — and also what they’re doing.

Avatars can be modified to be more specific than just sharing one’s locating by being shown to play sports, work on a computer, play video games, eating, and more.

As reported by TechCrunch, the new feature helps solve one of the biggest perceived problems with the platform’s ‘Snapmap,’ by providing users a way to convey not just where they are but what they’re doing and if they’re willing to hang out.

Your locations, or statuses, as they’re being called, are only visible to friends that users choose to share with, and disappear entirely from the app if you don’t use it for eight hours.

You can also choose to enter ‘ghost mode’ making you invisible to other users.

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