Snapchat unveils video recording sunglasses & rebrand as Snap Inc

Snapchat unveils video recording sunglasses & rebrand as Snap Inc

Snapchat’s first wearable products the snapchat spectacles going to hit the market sooner than anyone expected. A set of connected sunglasses, which the company has been rebranded and renamed to Snap Inc., can record 10-second snippets of video, what you all need to do is to tap a button near the hinge. Every tap starts a new recording.

The camera employ a 115-degree lens, which the company says more closely approximates a person’s field of vision. The company will release limited number of pairs of Spectacles as the company wants to proceed slowly in order to know that people like it or not. The product will costs you $130.

The company, which is calling itself “a camera company”, opens up a potentially lucrative new line of business for a company at a time when Facebook and its subsidiaries have been looting its app for parts.

Spectacles will naturally be compared to Google Glass, Alphabet’s mostly fruitless foray into wearable face-based computing. But because they are sunglasses, they will be less conspicuous than Google’s. They’re cheaper, too — not even one-tenth of the price as Glass, which debuted at $1,500. But just as Google did, Snap is marketing Spectacles with a high-fashion gloss.

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