Startup reveals radical headband that could help cure motion sickness in the military

A startup has developed a radical headband that could eliminate motion sickness without the need for drugs.

Called OtoTech, the prototype device is worn around the head and delivers subtle vibrations to change how the brain interprets motion.

While the device is still in the early days of testing, its creator, Samuel Owen, believes it could have big implications for members of the military who are increasingly being trained using virtual reality, according to Defense One.

OtoTech targets certain fibers that deliver data about motion to the vestibulocochlear nerve, which transmits balance information from the inner ear to the brain.

‘The working hypothesis is that [the vibration] causes a chaotic and noninformative stimulus to go to the brain,’ Owen told Defense One.

‘Somewhere, probably the cerebellum, there’s a filtering mechanism that filters out noninformative sensed information.

‘It’s the reason you don’t notice the shirt on your back right now,’ he added

Put simply, the device works to generate white noise so that part of your brain stops noticing information related to balance.

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