Student is left needing hospital treatment after using an at-home eyebrow tinting kit ‘that left her skin burned and weeping’

A student is warning others about the dangers of at-home eyebrow tinting kits after using one left her needing hospital treatment for burns.

Montanna Eastwood, 19, used a kit she bought in a high-street shop in the hope that it would make her brows darker.

After leaving the dye on for just five minutes, Ms Eastwood, of Bideford, Devon, was initially happy with the result when she took the dye off.

But just two hours later a rash appeared on her eyebrows, which was soon burning and weeping as the hours went on.

She went to hospital in agony three days after dying them when a cream her GP gave her failed to relieve her symptoms.

Miss Eastwood was administered steroid tablets and anti-histamines to encourage the burning to go down, but she is still in recovery.

Miss Eastwood, who studies hairdressing, said: ‘I decided to dye my eyebrows at home because I just wanted them a little darker so I didn’t have to wear as much make-up to fill them in.

‘It was a kit that I hadn’t used before, but as I only left it on for five minutes I was mortified that it had done so much damage.

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