‘It was the stuff of nightmares’: Christchurch’s top cop reveals how his officers brought down the mosque massacre shooter during the ‘surreal’ terror attack

Christchurch’s top police officer has revealed how he and his team launched into action to bring down the alleged mosque massacre shooter.

Superintendent John Price, 55, was having a cup of tea between meetings discussing serious crime in the region when the call came in on March 15.

A shooter had entered a mosque in Christchurch and opened fire on people gathered inside the building.

The toughest day of Price’s career began to unfold.

With 32 years’ experience, Price had seen his fair share of tragedy, including the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016 and the Port Hills Fires in 2017.

The father of three knew he needed to remain calm and began putting plan together in his mind as he headed to the command centre where he would oversee the deployment and management of police staff.

‘Inside I was not calm… there was a little bit of crisis chaos going on, but my exterior was portraying calmness,’ he told Stuff.

The armed offenders squad were first on the scene at the Deans Ave mosque, where multiple people had been injured and killed.

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