Teenager who suffered with ‘period pain’ for five years was shocked when doctors discovered a 15cm cyst had ‘twisted around and killed’ her ovary

A teenager who had suffered with agonising periods for five years was shocked when doctors had to remove a 15cm cyst.

Rebecca Woodthorpe, 18, had to have her ovary removed because she said the mass twisted around and ‘killed’ the organ.

The A-level student had experienced sharp ‘stabbing’ pains in her stomach and legs every month since the age of 12.

Miss Woodthorpe claims doctors reassured her the pains were ‘probably nothing’ until her persistence led to an ultrasound.

Doctors eventually discovered a benign 11cm mass – which was 15cm by the time it was removed.

Miss Woodthorpe, from Lincoln, said at 12-years-old doctors said she had ‘period pain’ and put her on the pill.

She said: ‘I was experiencing kidney pain in my left side, strong left thigh pain, abdominal and period pain and at each time of the month I would get a sharp stabbing that would last seconds but was horrific.’

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