Teens Stop Crime with a Phantom Drone

Teens Stop Crime with a Phantom Drone

14-year-old Chris Harris and his friend helped police stop boat thieves by using his DJI Phantom drone. The two teenagers were visiting Camano Island in Washington State with their families when they witnessed the speedboat thieves tying the stolen boat to their own and heading off. Harris immediately released his Phantom drone, which was a present from his parents for graduating with honors.

The drone followed the thieves and Harris even filmed their actions in 4K video. It took Harris a few minutes to get the drone going but it caught up with the thieves flying with 50mph and 20 feet over the stolen boat. Although the thieves managed to get away, the footage gave police an idea of the actual destination of the thieves. And so they waited for them upon their arrival.

Harris was congratulated for his heroic action and luckily he seems to know that there are still some grey areas concerning drones. He admitted that there are several bad things about drones but also mentioned that if they are used properly, they can do some good – like catching thieves.

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