Tesla will ‘probably’ offer solar roofs on future cars



Elon Musk has been hinting at the possibility that we may some day be able to get a solar roof on  our cars!!!

On Friday, Technology giant Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company is planning to include solar roofs as an option for its car as well.

Although he didn’t share any specific timeline of when to expect the feature, but he did say in a follow-up tweet that it wouldn’t be too expensive.

In a Conference call regarding Tesla’s merger with Solarcity, He said that Model 3 will feature the same technology as the company’s recently unveiled solar roof

This announcement came after company unveiled Tesla’s solar glass. Musk tweeted that the same glass technology could be used on the roof of a car to which act as a defroster. He further added that solar glass on a car would be net positive, meaning that it would create more energy than it used to do things like defrost the hood of the vehicle.


The new glass roof option car will cost owners a cool $1,500 over the base model, and does away with the plain sunroof entirely. If you need a roof rack or satellite radio, that will cost you around $2,000 panoramic option.

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