Tesla’s new Powerpack battery storage project in Southern California


On Monday, Tesla has inaugurated a massive battery storage facility in the Southern California desert.  Setting at middle of the new 20 megawatt Mira Loma Energy storage station in Ontario, California, Tesla Chief Technology officer JB Straubel said,

“Batteries are boring when they are successful. This project is exactly in line with our mission to accelerate sustainable technology and sustainable energy broadly for the world.”

The project, named as Powerpack, is a commercial-scale variation of Tesla’s consumer-level Powerwall battery product. It loads up on energy from the sun and from the electric grid during off-peak hours. One Powerpack pod at the Mira Loma site contains 16000 lithium-ion battery cells each, providing more than 210 kWH per pack. This project is the largest on Earth.


The white battery are capable of powering up to 15000 homes for four hours during peak times or roughly 2500 homes for an entire day. It means utilities won’t have to fire up fossil fuel- powered stations to fill the energy gaps.

This project is a joint venture with local electricity provider, Southern California Edison (SCE). The Powerpacks are manufactured at Tesla’s massive Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

“The Mira Loma site can provide the equivalent energy storage of several hundred acres of solar panels,” Straubel said, adding that the facility “is able to to fit into this tight footprint right next to existing substations, and doesn’t really take up any substantial new land.”

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