That’s some guard dog! Hilarious moment terrified car thief is chased away by a COYOTE in California

This is the hilarious moment a car thief was chased away by a coyote as he tried to steal a vehicle in California.

The thief was filmed on CCTV panicking and sprinting away as the canine approached him in a driveway in Downey.

He was seen stopping to check if the coast was clear, before sprinting when the coyote’s glowing green eyes followed him along the street.

Later in the video, the terrified criminal was spotted hiding behind another vehicle, pacing back and forth while peaking round the corner.

Cristy Trujillo posted the video to Facebook last week, where it’s amassed nearly 3,000 views.

She wrote: ‘This thief was in the process of breaking into my step dad’s car and out of nowhere comes a coyote to the rescue! Who’s scared now?’

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