The Milwaukee Bucks Fell Victims to Phishing Email Scam


The Milwaukee Bucks might be a major basketball team but not immune to internet scams. They recently fell victims to a phishing email scam compromising their financial data and personal information.

The team received an email which was impersonated to the team’s president, Peter Feigin. Responding to the email, an employee sent out the 2015 tax year data of all players and employees of the team. The data included the social security numbers and salaries of some NBA athletes.


The team is now conducting a thorough investigation. The staff is given access to unlimited identity restoration services and three years of credit monitoring. The Bucks plan to take preventive measures to safeguard their privacy better in the future. That includes training employees accordingly. But some damage is already done. Milwaukee Bucks players worth millions of dollars and other employees have to worry now that the scammers might play with their personal data.

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