The Most Popular Super Bowl Recipe in Every State

Super Bowl LII is this Sunday and all we really care about is the food. After all, this is the only day of the year that it’s really acceptable to eat pizza, chili, wings and copious dips in one sitting without judgment. It’s no surprise, then, that America has been preparing for the big game by searching for indulgent Super Bowl recipes on the Internet. GoogleTrends tracked the most popular searches in each state from the past week and came up with some curious (and some very expected) data.


Delicious heaping plate of nachos and cheese with olives and peppers. Beer in background.

Here, the most searched-for recipes in every state.

We’re not surprised that nine states are jonesing for chili this year. Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin all seem to be taking the classic route. Jalapeño poppers will be making an appearance as well, most notably in North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Washington. And nine states’ most popular search was a dip of some sort. As for the Dakotas, it’s all about pizza. North Dakotans searched heavily for pizza sauce, while South Dakotans were after marinara.

All of that is pretty tame, but here’s where things get interesting. While dips like buffalo chicken dip and crab dip are pretty standard, Alaska has an affinity for dill pickle with beef dip. Then there’s Mississippi’s love for green beans with beef broth on game day. Mississippi, you’ve got our attention. And so do you, Nebraska, where cream cheese jalapeño hamburgers will be taking center stage on Sunday. Below is the full list:

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