From Tippi Hedren to Uma Thurman, being a muse means being abused

As Thurman recounts how she fought off Weinstein’s advances and was injured in a car crash filming Tarantino’s Kill Bill after she says she was refused a stunt double, it seems some directors put female stars on pedestals just to pull them off

Alfred Hitchcock used to go berserk if he saw Tippi Hedren talking to other men. He had a mask made of her face. A couple of times he threw himself on top of her and assaulted her. When they were making The Birds, he told her mechanical birds would not work and she would have to be attacked by live ones. They were attached to her body with elastic bands. One almost pecked out her eyes. Unsurprisingly, she broke down.

She is still spoken of as his muse.

Woody Allen gave a speech at the American Film Institute last year, presenting Diane Keaton with a lifetime achievement award. He talked of her work as “a fellatrix” (someone who gives blowjobs). She had, he said, been out with several charismatic men. They all dumped her. The audience thought this was hilarious. A roast, as they call it. Keaton was Allen’s muse for years.

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