Toddler ‘left vomiting black gunk’ after swallowing a BATTERY meant for her father’s watch that burned through her oesophagus and saw her spend a week in intensive care

A toddler who swallowed a battery spent a week in intensive care after the acid burnt through her oesophagus and left her vomiting black gunk.

Abigayle Galle, now two, put the battery in her mouth last July after her father Jeff Galle, 26, bought it for his watch.

The sanitation worker watched in horror as the then 15-month-old retched and screamed out in pain, with him being oblivious as to what had just happened.

The youngster was rushed to A&E, where an X-ray revealed she had swallowed a circular object, which doctors initially believed to be a coin.

Abigayle was airlifted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where medics discovered the lodged object was actually a battery and needed removing immediately.

The battery was taken out, and the youngster, of Abilene, Texas, spent two-and-a-half weeks on a feeding tube. Now home, she still suffers from breathing and digestive difficulties.

Abigayle’s mother Lacey Walters, who is a stay-at-home mother-of-four, said: ‘Abigayle’s dad had gotten a new battery for his watch but it ended up being the wrong size.

‘He left it on his computer desk where Abigayle got her hands on it. Jeff was watching her while I was out trying to run some errands.

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