A new method is created by Researchers to trap harmful gases


A tons of harmful gases like fumes and carcinogens from automobiles and factories are all around us.These are infecting us in many ways. These are very dangerous molecules that are difficult to inhale.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas has developed a method, called ethylenediamine or EDA in which they could trap these harmful gases within microscopic organo-metallic structures. These tiny Structures are said to be made of building blocks which are composed of metal ion centers and organic linker molecules. They made a honeycomb-like structure that is capable of trap cases within each comb.

Dr. Kui Tan developed a method to trap harmful gases

Dr. Kui Tan developed a method for trapping potentially harmful gases within microscopic organo-metallic structures.

Not only is this but it also capable of trapping various other emissions release from coal factories and automobiles. They made the structure in the same method as bees do. Bees seal their honeycombs with wax to keep the honey from spilling out.

Who Developed this method?

This method has developed by Dr.Kui Tan who is a research scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UT Dallas.

Furthermore Tan with his team also tested that how much quantity it can hold and how long it remain in EDA-capped MOF structures. The closely monitor the presence of the harmful gases molecules on computer screen as inverted peaks.


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