Trump has obstructed justice ‘on a daily basis’, claims Nancy Pelosi as she urges Barr to ‘respect the Constitution’ by testifying before House Democrats

President Trump has ‘demonstrated on a daily basis his obstruction of justice’, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared.

The Democrat also said Trump’s Attorney General William Barr would be ‘obstructing Congress’ if he refused to testify before the House on the Mueller report this week.

Barr is due before the House on Thursday but has signalled he may not appear if Democrats try to have him questioned by committee lawyers.

Pelosi’s claims come as Democrats face pressure from parts of their base to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Discussing Trump, she said he had demonstrated obstruction on a ‘daily basis’, going further than Robert Mueller did in his report.

On Barr, she said: ‘The attorney general of the United States is not the president’s personal lawyer, and he should act as the attorney general of the United States and honor his responsibilities.’

According to Fox News, she told Barr: ‘Respect the constitution. Honor your oath of office. Honor the request of Congress. For the American people.’

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