Trying to look ahead! Trump goes for a rare dinner outside of the White House with top donors – amid mounting allegations of collusion, White House chaos, and the Stormy Daniels affair

His staff are dropping like flies, Stormy Daniels is amping up her crusade, and Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel continues to beat on.

And yet it seems Donald Trump is far more focused on the future than his increasingly chaotic present.

The president spent a rare Wednesday night outside of the White House to dine with some of his top donors at a private Georgetown residence.

It is a surprising move for Trump who, unlike former president Barack Obama, avoids eating at Washington DC establishments entirely – unless it’s his own nearby hotel.

Deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters revealed that Trump was having dinner with ‘a small group of supporters at a private residence in town’, she told CNN.

Sources said Vice President Mike Pence and First Lady Melania Trump are not slated to attend.

Walters added that there would be ‘no fundraising’ involved.

But, according to sources, a number of the attendees have donated money and publicly supported Trump in the past.

C Boyden Gray, who served as former US Ambassador to the European Union under President George W Bush and special counsel under President George HW Bush, hosted the dinner at his home.

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