Trump election has ‘serious ramifications’ for Australian security interests


It is still uncertain that what would be the policy of Donald Trump’s foreign policy, but his unpopularity in Australia may make security cooperation with the US harder, according to US policy Experts.

After the Trump win, Experts in every field in Australia are beginning to offer up their analyses of what this all means for the country; economics, defence, social and political shifts are all being canvassed as the reality of a Trump presidency sinks in.

Foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop has vowed to make Australia’s national security and strategic interests in the Asia-Pacific region known to a Donald Trump administration ”very early on”, as defence analysts warn there could be serious ramifications.


Trump has spent months telling the world precisely who and what he is: a nationalist, an isolationist and a protectionist who believes the US should not be the world’s policeman.

Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister of Australia has spoken with Trump, who acknowledged the alliance between Australia and the US saying it was of enormous importance to Washington.

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