Verizon finally brings back the unlimited data plan


Verizon is stepping up its efforts to lure new customers with the introduction of a new service plan that promises unlimited data.

The wireless carrier said Sunday it will launch a new introductory plan on Monday that offers unlimited data, talk time and texts for $80 per month for the first line when you select automatic payments. Four lines can be added for $45 per month for each line.

The new plan is available to both new and existing customers, a Verizon spokesman said. The new plan is in addition to the other plans the carrier offers.

“We’re not limiting you to a single plan,” Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon’s wireless division, said in a statement. “If you don’t need unlimited data, we still have 5 GB, S, M, and L Verizon plans that are perfect for you.”

Unlimited data, which lets you wirelessly stream all the music and video (and anything else) you want to your phone, has been increasingly difficult to come by as carriers have raised prices or ditched the plans entirely.

Both Verizon and AT&T ended their previous unlimited offers in 2010, though many customers have clung to grandfathered plans. AT&T has since brought the plan back with strings attached, while T-Mobile has been touting their One plans that have unlimited data but 480p streaming video in the base plan.

While the plan is being billed as unlimited, Verizon cautions that after customers reach a 22GB threshold, their data usage may be prioritized behind other customers in the event of network congestion.

The new data plan comes a few days after rival wireless carrier Sprint introduced a promotion for its own unlimited data offering. But that plan has a catch: the promotional pricing ends after the first year.

The cost of Verizon’s plan will not go up after a year, a Verizon spokesman said.

“Unlike our competitors, the price is the price,” a spokesman said.

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